Smart Roofing – Re-Roofing: Roofs are an important part of your home, but people tend to forget about them… until they spring a leak, then you need to call the experts in fast before serious water damage occurs.

No matter what style your old roof is – from concrete tiles to old corrugated roofing, Smart Roofing can replace it with COLORSTEEL® roofing.

Their experienced team can advise on any conversion work required and while your old roof is off they can fix any rotten purlins, and repair or replace spouting as necessary. This is also a great time to replace or add ceiling insulation in the roof cavity.

COLORSTEEL® Endura (for over 100m from the coast) has 24 nature inspired colours – from the bold to the subtle. These colours allow your roof to either blend with the local surroundings or you can choose a daring colour to make a dramatic statement.

COLORSTEEL® Maxx (designed for use near the coast and on commercial buildings) is available in 12 nature inspired colours.